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A useful guide for a new independent business owner in 2023

A useful guide for a new independent business owner in 2023


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Dear client,

Congratulations on establishing the new business!

We have prepared a guide for you that includes the basic information that every business owner must know about everything related to his current obligations to the tax authorities in Israel.

Besides the day-to-day management of the business, you will have to deal with the tax authorities on a regular basis. A good understanding of the various legal requirements on the part of the authorities along with receiving professional assistance from the accountant can greatly facilitate the conduct of the business and prevent unnecessary "headaches".

The document below briefly reviews the highlights and concepts that every starting business owner should know:

What is an "osek patur" and what is the difference between it and  a "osek murshe"?
When should a tax invoice be issued and what is the difference between it and a receipt?
What are bookkeeping instructions?
What is exemption from withholding tax and approval of bookkeeping?
What records should be maintained within the provisions of the law?
Do I have to deposit to a pension fund or a "keren hisutalmut"?
and more...

We will be happy to be at your service with any questions and concerns and to assist with the required regular reports so that you can concentrate on the important things for your business - marketing, business promotion and providing professional service in your field of expertise.

The information in this document is for general and preliminary information only and is not a substitute for individual advice.
New Business guide updated for 2023


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