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Our Services

Group 483
Opening Companies and Licensed Dealers – in Israel and the US

Opening companies in Israel and the US such as:  a limited corporation, licensed dealers, exempt dealers, LLC’s, C Corporations, S Corporations.

Group 478
Issuance of an ITIN for Investments in the US

Investors in the US that are not US citizens must submit a tax identification number in order to file current reports to the US tax authorities.

Group 477

Professional consultations on matters involving both Israeli and US tax ramifications.

Group 474
Voluntary Disclosure

Non-reporting of income and assets constitutes a criminal violation and is liable to lead to imposition of fines and other punishments.  It is never too late to report your income! Report in advance before the tax authorities contact you to report it. Our office has a lot of experience in representing and signing dozens of agreements with the tax assessors throughout the country, in relation to the voluntary disclosures on assets and income not previously reported, without taking criminal proceedings against those who report.

Group 482

Contact regarding tax issues that concern you and where you can save on taxes.  The consulting advice is provided in several areas, among which include – taxation of employee options, new immigrants, returning citizens, relocation, trusts, arranging reports needed to be filed for income from prior years, and more.

Group 479

Filing annual tax returns for all types of trusts (Israeli resident trusts, Will trusts, Family trusts, and more), including consulting and tax planning regarding reporting on trusts in both Israel and the US.

Group 476
Taxes Upon Retirement

Setting permanent tax exemption rates, handling taxes on severance pay, recognized stipends, early seeming retirement, and all that is required in order to reach retirement with peace of mind.

When consulted upon retirement, our office weighs, as necessary, the tax implications of US tax, in order to assure that US citizens will not pay extra tax to the US tax authorities.

Group 473
Corporations and Partnerships

Bookkeeping, preparing financial statements, audits and business advisory services to companies

Group 481
Bookkeeping, Payroll and Administration

Preparation of annual statements for independents, annual reports for persons investing overseas, preparing and filing declaration of capital statements, reports for retirees who require annual reporting, and more.

Group 480
Reports for Tax Refunds for Employees

Receive the tax refunds you deserve for current and previous years.

Group 475
Submitting Tax Returns to the US Tax Authorities

Through our office you will be able to receive comprehensive services for both Israeli and US tax services all under one roof, including : Filing returns for US citizens (Form 1040), filing foreign bank account reports on foreign investments (FBAR/Form 114), filing tax returns for investors in the US (Form 1040NR), coordinating with the Israeli and US tax authorities (Streamline Procedure), filing reports for US companies and preparation of Forms K-1 for investors (Form 1065, Form 1120).

Group 472
Tax Services for Individuals

Annual financial statements for self-employed, annual financial statements for foreign investors, filing declaration of capital statements, reports for those going into retirement that require annual reporting, and more.

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